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About me ? Ah! I never get this right away. Filling up the 'About Me' section has been a difficulty of all times. I start with something and end up with what you are reading now. After having used the backspace key ten to fifteen times, i spare you all and stop here.(I guess you've now known a little ABOUT ME.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


He had never smiled so fake..
As if a life’s at stake..
I dream of a smile..When all good moments seem borrowed for an instance..
He lives with a desire
One that’s gonna cling onto him till pyres
I dream of a desire that pushes him to stand alone.
He regretted a decision so lame..
He painted his dreams in her name
I dream of a painting with no dimension of time and tense..
Tired of feeling so small..
Of rhyming out of minds and trying to crawl..
I dream of a rhythm curled in ties of his ecstasy..
Can prayers be heard?
Can a world change?
I dream of a prayer that answers all questions..
The egoist and the Alter-ego
Let not the pride go undefined.
I dream of a pride that melts before exaltation.
Doleful being… silent cry..
One kiss and reverse the time could simply fly.
I dream of a kiss which brings his love back to him.
I dream of a dream where all my dreams come true…
He gets his gal and life turns blind.
Peace seeks a friend.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Last thought in consciousness and then sway in swoon..

There are things that timE cannot erase..and there are some which we dont let gO..
I didnt let, be erased, the memories of those beautiful childhood afternoons when, after school, i used to sit with the watchman near the garden of my apartment and tell him stUff i did at school.. and time wasnt able to erase the memOries of a post-beautiful-afternoon momEnt when i enter the empty drawing room of my home with burden on my shoulders framing a picture that would probably speak of mundane isolation..
SomehOw, today i love talking to a stranger n listen to his story, just like the watchman who used to listen to me.
Somehow, today i loVe entering an empty room and feEl satiated with the silence around...just like tOnight..with peaCe and endless dePths of blackness to sink intO..the daylight today is toO shallow !

Friday, May 6, 2011

Woh Sadak !

 Der Raat jab mai Ghar laut rahi thi..
Khaali Sadak ko logon ki kami thi

Ek geet jo mai gunguna rahi thi
Usme bhi thakawat ki nami thi..

Bawra Mann Dilli ghum raha tha
Jaise din abhi Dhalla hi na ho..
Aur un Beete Lamho ko Maap Tol raha tha
Jinme ek Ansuna Kissa chupa Pada ho
Kuch Durr jo Chali ayi mai...Hai koi nahi
Na koi Sadak ke Ujalo koi Andhero me..
Aur Teen Char kadam pe to jaise
Man bhi chup sa gaya ho

Itne me Tera bas ek Khyaal jo aa gaya..Laga jaise..
Peeche se ek Ajnabee ne Dost keh kar Pukara ho ....