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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Under the Sky

And it is just another night that is passing by..
Thinking about the green grass on the other side..
About the things that would have been..
If a shoulder was here on which i'd lean..
Of all the words that I've learnt..
"You" is the most wonderful one..
And of all the sentences I've thought of..
There is still a one you haven't heard of..
In the glory of the moon tonight,
My eyes will eventually shut, senses subside..
But my mind wont stop wandering..
I would think of you in dreams and sing..
Under the stars i'd lay next to you..
When with ardent love you'll hum a tune..
And when ends a song or two..
With sleepy eyes..ill look at you...
I'd wait for you to look back and speak..
But you wont talk..and simply watch me sleep..