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About me ? Ah! I never get this right away. Filling up the 'About Me' section has been a difficulty of all times. I start with something and end up with what you are reading now. After having used the backspace key ten to fifteen times, i spare you all and stop here.(I guess you've now known a little ABOUT ME.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

I am hOme again

Im back home !

tu tudu ta ra ri ra ra..
ta ra ri raa tup tudu tu..
tu du tuuuu tu du ruuuu
ta ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaaaaa....

Another noon.Coziness and me in my room.Let that be enough(switch foot) playing in the background and falling in love with the stillness all over.

"let me know that you hear me.
let me know you're touched
let me know that you love me
let that be enough.."

tu du tuuuu tu du ruuuu
ta ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaaaaaaa...

Aaw i can resist myself resistable.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pulse remains'

Definition of peace i googled :
"Peace is a state of balance and understanding in yourself and between others" ..

Redefined :

White on paper.
Tree from train.
Ocean from bay.
Sky from earth.

and you from my memories.


The ambiguity of expressions. The black seconds of life.. Like the colors of a faded rainbow.. The heart beats missed..
""One moment of lost myself..
And the footprints of remains left in me... Till now..still now.. I do believe that.. that.. What i believe wasn't true.. Unilluminated.""

The peace prevails and pulse remains...

I've been Tagged.

Dark resolutions.

1st : I want to tell my mum about all the times i hated her.I really want to remind her about the list of moments unidentified on her part in which she grew repulsive and...the dots of continuity.

2nd : Stop making the above resolution year after year,every year.

3rd : Accept that i'm not so satisfied with the crap life i live.This feeling haunts me badly at times.

4th : Confess to my little sis that im terrifically jealous of her coz she posses all that i ever longed for.

5th : Fall from somewhere or meet with an accident, feel the pain of broken bones.

The list is never ending but maybe all except these 5 are too dark to mention.

I love my mum.(add the most intense adjective according to you for love)