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About me ? Ah! I never get this right away. Filling up the 'About Me' section has been a difficulty of all times. I start with something and end up with what you are reading now. After having used the backspace key ten to fifteen times, i spare you all and stop here.(I guess you've now known a little ABOUT ME.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Puchti hoon mai samajh se ki kyu ayi woh meri nadaani ke beech.
Kyu sikha gayi mujhe woh saare matlab ?
Meri rooh ko jaga gayi woh ?
Abhi to bacchpana chuta bhi na tha.
Kagaz ki kashti dekh kar bhi labon par haasi aa jaati..
Ab to sochu jo ke ek pal thehar jau..
To zindagi chaar kadam age badh leti hai.
Aankhein maa ki ek nazar ko taras jaati hai.
Samundar ke anchal me jhulte jhulte..
Uski gehrayi ka andaaz ho gaya.
Jeene ke mayine badle,
Samajh se saamna ho gaya.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Don't look at me with such expecting eyes.
I can't confront them.
Don't bring yourself too close to my cheeks.
I become uncomfortable.
Love seems to be so strange.
And im not expert at the fine art of ignoring.
When i turn and start going away, dont hold my hands tight.
It hurts.
Stop bringing my name on your lips.
Somewhere deep down my heart freezes.
The perfume points your presence here.
Im sinking finding ways to hide.
Trying to pretend that i unnoticed you.
Oh ! im so not trodden to this wet feeling yet.
So,leave me to myself.
Go ahead,out of my environs.
Leave me behind.
Never again look at me with those expecting eyes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Restless forbearance

Of queries to my angel..
Was it you on that starry night when stars dangled from nowhere.
Was it you ?
You who let the quill lay on my shoulder when it drizzled ?
The one who vanished with the beam of piercing light when i had no control on my lashes, was it you ?
I stand here with the feather now,to take you away with me.
And you are nowhere to be seen.
Where are you now?Where?