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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nicholas Sparks and the Ocean

Some days are too short..not even enough to remember the name of a particular character in a random old movie. The day ends and you remember the name only the next day early morn.

Some places gift you happiness for all times. Some leave you with nothing but nostalgia. A place that you love to live in has a past longer than yours. It gets hard to believe that the place you left has somewhere left somebody in despair and bitterness.

Stories that are too good to be true are seldom true. Other times they are simply beautifully told and artificially accepted.

Some people are too special to be with. Their presence in a lifetime is limited and after a while, either the person turns unamusing (yet too special) in one way or the other or simply walks out of your life.

There is this being who wants to be able to read music…the magical grapheme...aaaand its me.

There is this beach and a bench on the shore. A person would sit on it and read Nicholas Sparks. I will be that person.

There is this song..Spanish song which plays at the back of my head for all times..i don’t know its meaning…and so I give it a meaning of my own. And I listen to the lyrics which I want to listen at the moment. I listen to my own tune and there are a few who listen to my silence.

There is this empty dark street having a pale street light shimmering at a distant pole. It slightly illuminates the face that smiles at somebody. I am that somebody.

Some days are too long to end. It takes a lot to finish thinking about nostalgic places, beautiful stories and special people. It takes a lot to finish chores and seek a sound sleep.

There is this balcony where I stand. I hold the railing and stare at crescent. Simply stare and continue with that.