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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gently falls the Bakula - Sudha Murty.

Everything was very intense when i kept my first step inside the room. There was a smell of emotional tension. Hostility was in the air. The walls had frozen from the chill of cold hearts. There wasn't anyone to utter a word but the silence was squealing. The paintings on walls seemed nothing but mere wreckage. Some sort of silhouette appeared as the wood from cupboards was peeled off. A diseases wetness seemed to had covered the floor. It could give an inharmonious vibe to even the most nonchalant of people.

It was difficult to believe that humans had lived there..spending a life's time..bound to each others fate by chains unbreakable...building not the homes above the ground but digging the earth beneath.

P.S. : Now is a kind of those times when i think if these are a kind of those lives.