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Sunday, December 27, 2009


NiJhum..(nijhum means quiet..
here comes the desi one..)

Kesari falak ki shaam..lautte parinde
phir pankh woh Nijhum rahe
Nijhum unke silsiley
Nijhum mai.

Veeran ek ghaati thi aankhein dhundla jaati
Kohra Nijhum raha
Nijhum nazar
Nijhum mai.

Barf si sardi me..labz thirakte
uska ehsaas Nijhum raha
Nijhum hoonth
Nijhum mai.

Dheemi aanch par..dil pighalta tha
Aag Nijhum rahi
Nijhum bechaini
Nijhum mai.

Waqt ke dayre me..woh Raat bhi simat gayi
Yaad Nijhum rahi
Nijhum honsle
Nihjum mai.

Nijhum si kashmakash
Nijhum se bandhan
us Raat ke baad ka Savera bhi Nijhum
Nijhum Jaan
Nijhum Khayaal
Nijhum mai.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saak Banavis

Today was my "Saak Banavis" day..

Mmi was out today on a picnic which has always been a peeve for me.
1. I didn't go.
2. I decided to cook myself.
3. I entered the kitchen.
4. Started with the very thought of "Aloo".
5. (Oops !)Called Ankita-

Convo 1-
I : abe ek jan ke liye aaaloo ki sabji banao to kitne aaloo lagte hain ?
She : depends (as if she knows the answer)
I : aunty ko puch.
She : do aaloo medium size.

6. Cooked d Saak.
7. Felt Proud for 2 minutes coz it appeared Awesome.
8. Called Ankita-

Convo 2-
I : Aunty ko phone de.(smart this time)
I : 5 roti(yes i finished all five) banane ke liye kitna aata chahiye aunty ?
Aunty : Exams ke baad ghar ana beta kuch din ke liye...(Out Of the Blue)...

9. Rotla(too unestablished to term as ROti) banavya.
10. Had what i made.

Feedback :
I was taken aback to realize that the saak which appeared awesome..usme Oil zyada, Namak kam, Haldi Zyada aur bahut kuch unwished tha..

ROtla were good only in shape (i took a snap in case anyone doubts..More coz it was first in a lifetime) but edible after drenched in Ghee..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Private Emotion.

Every endless night has a dawning day
Every darkest sky has a shining ray
It takes a lot to laugh as your tears go by
But you can find me here till your tears
run dry..

It's a private emotion that fills you

(lyrics: "Private Emotion"-Ricky Martin)

"A Girl Elite"

A Private Emotion resides within.
My beautiful sin.

All my senses were only for you,
longing to hear, see n feel you.
I never told you wat i believed,
but my words were desperate to reach you.
From the very beginning..

My unsatisfied state,
will remain deserted i know.
grant me the courage alone,
coz my heart isn't yet prone..
A Happy girl has died..
thanks to the blows of life..

The Private Emotion still resides within.

Why do people make Confessions..?


is it just a way of lightening up burdens on their heartz..or is it for making up for their own sins on earth..n perhaps find a place in heaven..

today it was like-"batane ka mann kiya"..

now what about this..

this option is not on my list..

sometimes it is that you like somebody that you cannot resist speaking...

Ankita says-
" dekh Lehari..when one realizes what was done is wrong n something that should not have been committed, people confess in front of the most trusted ones..
like i did to you.."

even I've made a confession..not about anything i
did wrong but about something i felt very strongly for and felt that the feeling(Aah ! nothing bout Love..gimme a break..) was wrong.

Huh !
This one is one of its kind..
Out of the pit..
I'm bad at confessing.

the one whom i confronted was substantially lucky, the one whose ears got it first and got it last.

why do people make confessions(to me)..?