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About me ? Ah! I never get this right away. Filling up the 'About Me' section has been a difficulty of all times. I start with something and end up with what you are reading now. After having used the backspace key ten to fifteen times, i spare you all and stop here.(I guess you've now known a little ABOUT ME.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Story `

This is when happiness gives birth to memories !

Dipped in hue, she came. Happiness. She gave me her wings to fly and it filled me with butterflies. I felt like dangling amidst the clouds. If there were numbers to clouds, mine would be nine. From up above there, i saw a rainbow. Mesmerising the view was. The colors of the rainbow went from horizon to horizon. Slowly, the colors dimmed. Out of seven, three remained. The sun shone brightly one day and the clouds started disappearing. All the mist and chillness of air subsided. Weather was pleasant, neither the heat nor the cold bothered. There are twists and turns in living. Happiness comes when it is most unexpected and so does the sadness. The sun grew vengeful to burn me inside. All the butterflies flew away.A sweet little faith was held that one day day she will be back with her butterflies and the cloud number nine.Yet another day, those butterflies returned to me. A smile spread. Happiness came from within. Clouds covered the shining sun, though the number nine was lost, weather was pleasing again. It was time for her to come.
It was time for the memories to come..

Memories..the daughter of happiness..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Intent on Satisfaction

I dont know what is it that brings me immense is just that i want to measure the contentment whenever i am happy, when im sad, when im involved in a thing or when excluded from something. I would so measure it that i get to know a little more of myself. And the data i collect would be used tactfully for future use. Music ofcourse has been something i always use when dissatisfied. And there are a few more...
Scooty...i love driving through lonely lanes and the speed is directly proportional to the weather.
Diary...i talk to her..and whenever i make crosses and zeroes and squares and lines, i first let her know that i'm gonna scribble in you..i tend to get babyish with her..
Sleep...if only i get it right away..
Other times, simply wasting time keeps me satisfied.

P.S : I haven't read a single page today..i have my offensive examinations. And I am Satisfied today !

         I am Happy today !