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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'You' but your 'Memories'

Its not always that you choose to love.
It is not always you love to love.
But at times when the heartbeat fastens and stomach turns numb,
beautiful songs are forged.
She ponders over the days bygone and those to come.
She says she does not know when she fell in love.

I dont know when love has just begun.
Dunno when it was first i felt for you.
Was it when you had called me the other day ?
or was it when you first took my name?
I loved you for more than a single instance..
Once while holding hands under the streetlight,
Once in the CCD sitting besides..
A lot happened over a coffee..oh yes !
And once when we babbled till dawn,
And when you texted me in early morn.
I loved you
I love you only more.
Didnt know that love had already begun.
Didnt know it has to be short and sweet.
I love you for more than a single instance,
I love you for a part of my lifetime.
Believe me when i say...
"i can someday loose but not your memories.."

P.S. : She says she does not know when she fell in love.