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Monday, April 11, 2011

As simple as this !

All the vicinity faded away the day when he first saw her. He was not the kind of person to fall for girls who know nothing but how to look good. She had this delusion of grandeur. No doubt, her looks were stunning to the point that heads were certain to turn. The beauty with no brains lived a life of a princess with the ancestral inheritance she acquired with minimal effort.

His was a life adorned with success. Getting the love of life was never included in that success list. He wasn’t even a believer of love at first sight but things were destined to happen.

It was then when he managed a convo with the girl that he realised that it would be difficult for him to accept her even as the less better half. But, it was too late and she was on his list that defined success.  Moreover, the question whether the girl would accept him had not even raised yet. He could not have afford to let go off her in any circumstance. A way exists for every will. He decided to train her for life. He taught her how the world works and the pragmatic approach to existence. He taught her the ways to gain respect from the respectful beings. Plus he never forgot to tell her that she was the girl he loves truly, madly and deeply and so she never found any reason not to be with him at any point of the day or the night.

There was ofcourse the second side of this coin.At times when they lay on the wet grass together under the open sky, he told her about the constellations above and she helped him find immense pleasure in appraising even the flawed beauty of the moon. At nights when they went for long drives, he said he wants youngsters to understand how fatal crossing speed limits can get and she tells her how thrilled biking and passionate love crosses the limits of fear of death. Gradually she taught him much more than he taught her with more intensity and credence.

As she found a Magus in him who could arouse and then quench the thirst for knowledge, he had come to know eternal love for not only knowledge and success but for love itself. He always loved her and now he loves Love too.

P.S:  They were happy since the beginning, until now and lived happily ever after.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Again to Return

Sometimes getting no answer is better that getting 'no' as an answer..

Indu :Is your luggage packed ? There is nothing left na ?
Indu :What is the duration of your trip ? Are there any chances that it would get extended ?
Indu :You are taking the duplicate keys with you right ?
Indu :You are going to return na ? 

P.S.: And he walks away..